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SA - 1 Sequencer
SA-1The SA-1 will properly sequence an operator and electric lock (any kind) or two doors that form a vestibule. AND it becomes a latching relay with the flick of a switch. The SA-1 features a momentary and extended trigger, 2 - 2amp relays and 3 timers. A range of triggering options simplify installation. This product provides the most cost-effective solution for a wide variety of situations. Our customers tell us that they especially like its reliability.

” The SA-1 is the best designed product I’ve ever seen.”
- Bill Ball, Kentucky

SA-1 is a registered trademark of Integrated Door Controls.

Using the SA-1 as a Lockout Relay
Using the SA-1 with a Card Reader
SA-1 Installation Instructions

SA-1/2 Latching or Timed Relay Module
The SA-1/2 is basically an SA-1 with one relay removed. It is designed to be a smaller package and lower cost solution for those applications that only need 1 relay. An optional ½ second delay time before the relay timer kicks in provides some limited sequencing.

SA 1/2 Latching or Timed Relay Module



Relay Modules
Our relay modules are ideal when trying to interface incompatible equipment. The right relay can protect
sensitive equipment from high current draws or convert control signals to meet the specifications of another
piece of equipment. If we don't have the relay module you need, we'll make you one. Give us a call.

EJS All-Active Electronic Jamb Mount Switch
The attractive, stainless steel push plate is rugged and requires minimum
EJS Topmovement to activate the switch. Designed for ease of installation, the low-profile makes it perfect for those applications where you don’t have room to put a switch inside the wall and don’t want the bulk of a surface mount box.

EJS Installation Instructions

EJS Bottom

EJS Bottom

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